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Cubicle Toilet

Cubicle toilet is an essential item in a building to meet the basic needs of its tenants. High quality cubicle toilets required partition that up to standard as water could easily damage the partition.

HITS CUBE is available in different materials such as HPL (High Pressure Laminate), Phenolic (Compact Board) and glass. Those materials have a great selection of colours and motif.

HITS CUBE Provides comfort and safety solution in designing the office, school, hospital, or public facilities.

Press Cube

PRESS Cube is a design with combination of high pressure lamination and plywood, it has attractive and modern pattern, colour, dynamic style and affordable prices without compromising the quality.

Monolite Cube

MONOLITE Cube uses high quality resin lamination with resistant of heat, water and humidity. It comes with a wide selection of colours and the combination of it would produce a magnificent piece of design.

Crystal Cube

CRYSTAL Cube uses glass material for cubicle toilet. The diverse design in textures (sandblast or ceramic) and aluminium or stainless steel frame would surely produce a stylish and elegant toilet.

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